• What would be the financial consequences of an unexpected death in your family?
  • Do you know the difference between Term Life, Graded Whole Life, Traditional Whole Life, and Universal Life?
  • Is the life insurance policy you chose the right one for you?
  • Do you know that life insurance can grow large sums of income-tax-free cash for Retirement?
  • Have you had your policy reviewed recently?

Indexed Universal Life insurance as an investment? Many financial experts will tell you that life insurance is an expense and not an investment. For the record, life insurance is not an investment in the traditional sense. This is because a part of the premium payment is applied to the cost of insurance and not available for future growth. So, you could say that life insurance and investments are two different animals. However, these animals live on the same plain! because life insurance eats up part of your capital, all things being equal, real investments will generally outperform a life insurance contract. However, in this world, things are not always equal; especially as it pertains to taxation. And, it’s the taxation of investments that give life insurance some amazing advantages.

Cash values in life insurance policies grow tax-deferred, but through the policy Loan Provision, years of growing cash values can be accessed tax- free! Years of income tax-free distributions, (loans if you would) paid out over a lifetime that are then paid off at the policy owners death with an income tax-free death benefit.

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