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Sudha Russell, MD, FAAP - Bakersfield, CA
Just wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of the great work that Manisha is doing with us seniors! I am a physician and retiring, and will begin my medicare next month. She helped and guided me despite the many questions I lobbed at her re the supplemental insurance. She is very patient and extremely kind, in addition to being quite knowledgeable. I am now enrolled and will be seeing my new PCP next month.
Judith Lovejoy - Los Angeles, CA
I have known Irit Zarutski for about ten years now. In the beginning Irit only dealt with health insurance. I had been on Medicare for a couple of years and had no supplemental insurance. I didn’t think I needed it. Didn’t want it. I was in excellent health and felt Medicare would do. With extreme patience, Irit explained the ins and outs to me in a way I could understand. By nature I am not a very trusting person. But for the first time I acquired supplemental medical insurance based on my faith in Irit not to abandon me as soon as my signature was dry on the paperwork. If I have a question for Irit, she always responds the same day if not the next. I always feel taken care of. And then she and Mike Anderson discovered each other. I have never felt more secure than I do now. My retirement set up has excelled my expectations and I consider Irit and Mike like family. What more can I say?!?!?!
Jill and Andy Ward- Red Bluff, CA
I’ve known Mike Anderson for many years. He came up to speak with my husband and myself and explain the advantages of getting an annuity and life insurance, and he answered all our questions and went over every detail. We were impressed by his professionalism and his kind demeanor. We are so grateful that we have most of our nest egg now parked in a safe place especially with this uncertain economy. I give Five Stars to Anderson Bear!
Irwin Dyer - Simi Valley, CA
I have known Owen Swart for several years now. We met when he came to my home to introduce me to some retirement products that I was not aware of. At these meetings, whether in my home or at a restaurant, Owen was always prepared for my questions and ready to explain what should be done to prepare for my retirement. As the retirement date got closer, we met more frequently to prepare for the day. During this period we also communicated over the phone, by email and by text. Now that I have retired and moved, we are still staying in touch. I have found Owen to be very professional in handling the funds I have entrusted to him. Additionally, I have found Owen to be of like mind in many areas. I would count him as a friend as well as a trusted advisor.
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