• Your investment choices; how do you decide?
  • Annuities vs securities, what are the advantages vs disadvantages of each?
  • I need extra income in retirement, how should I do this?
  • What is an RMD and how does it affect my retirement plan?

The strategy you choose in retirement should be different than the plan you chose in your working years, when, you were accumulating wealth. You could wait out a market downturn and let your investments recover. Most people remember 2008 when the market lost 40%. Eight years later most people who held-on were whole again. But, some couldn’t wait, the result was lower income and reduced assets. 

So, what is your investment strategy now? Equally important, who do you seek for advice? Who can you trust to handle your investments? Don’t think there isn’t a bias in the industry among advisors, because there is.

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